utorok 21. septembra 2021

ST 140 ruminations II – Dē praeparātiōne

Spot one difference.

An old humorous story by Ander z Košíc has him buy his wife a prohibitively expensive fur coat, only for her to start complaining that the fur coat "bites" after they leave the store. After they return to the store and make a proper scene, it is discovered that the woman had put the coat on herself with the hanger.

Too hilarious to even sound true, right? Yet, this is exactly what happened to me. I packed my new poles with the protective covers for the tips and somewhat forgot about their existence. After the race, they looked like the pole on the top. (The bulky stuff is dirt packed inside the perforated protective cap.) The bottom pole is a "near-mint" state – washed and without the cap. Of course, the presence of the caps during the race explains why I felt the poles slip unexpectedly a few times!

Laugh, o my heart. And test your equipment before the race next time.

nedeľa 19. septembra 2021

ST140 ultra ruminations I


There shall come an hour when I will retell my experience from Štefánik ultra in a narration. For now, I will present a few observations. 

sobota 17. júla 2021

Sober Reflecting

The weather wane at Lord's Cricket ground. (Wikipedia / Hamilcarsouth)

"Do you feel like returning the medal?", I was asked right after the race. It was a shrewd question given that my previous attempt was 57:04 minutes and my current one was 1:06:47. 

piatok 16. júla 2021

How do you feel?

Abram’s new-Spock would likely use this moment to cry and deliver a soliloquy about his feelings. With old-Spock - proper Spock - you get an eyebrow. Leonard Nimoy, fuck yeah!
So, how do you feel?
Created by Abel M'Vada. Thanks to Sapo for showing me the video.

How does one feel when they are moving house? How to express some of these hard-to-track, hard-to-understand states of the mind if you cannot put a name on them? 

Music – without lyrics – is a good medium for such expressions. These are the pieces I played right before I left my old flat.

Bourrée in E minor (from BWV 996) is a notoriously known piece by J.S. Bach. Forget about the Jethro Tull version if you can and imagine the stately procession of tonesThe fact that the piece keeps moving can be felt even on a solo line. And I also find it non-committal in its mood.


My colleagues and neighbours have heard me play Podzimní (An Autumn Tune) many a time. Tichota's adaptation from a renaissance lute tab speaks of melancholy.

The lyrics (Malá and Tichota) also reflect passing of the time and disquiet in the soul. And even these are the underlying tones, the bridge is uplifting and playful.


And the biggest all-time recorder hit. Daphne (or Doen Daphne d'over schoone Maeght in full) is a real deal for a lover of old music. Granted, every recorder player and their dog know Jacob van Eyck's masterpiece, but it is so awesome it would be churlish if they did not. It has a hauntingly sweet melody and it subtly changes and shifts from one part to another. It is also fun (read challenging) to play. And what what does it communicate? Lyrics aside, based on the fact that main motif keeps coming back, it has a feel of permanency but one of a change as well. Evolution and reinvention? 

Let's see what I will play in the future.