nedeľa 9. apríla 2017

A most frustrated medic

The bout after the resumption: Anton Kohutovič (closer), Róbert Haršány.
There was a moment in yesterday's Bratislava Fecht III – a HEMA tournament – when the inauspicious made the strongest impression on me.

During an elimination round, a thrust to the mask resulted in the mask's mesh pushed against the face of a fencer. He took it off, showed a bloody mouth and after being checked briefly by the medic went to the bathroom to rinse his mouth. He returned without fuss, commenting "I pushed my teeth back somewhat" to a question from someone. Putting a new mask on his head he continued the duel, narrowing losing it in the end.

When the match resumed I, noticed the medic matching the duel with interest. Yet, the expression she wore was a complex one. Professional attention to a patient was part of it. On top of that, there was disbelief and anger that he continued in the duel after being injured. Her feelings must have been unique in the gym, everyone else felt admiration and an uplifting surge of emotion seeing a hurt fighter recommence. She was not a fencer, fighter, or an enthusiast, so it was professionalism that shaped her attitude.

In he end, I decided to leave her out of the frame when I took the picture – she might appreciate not being part of it. If you are perceptive you can imagine her stand there out of the field of view.

P.S. The other strong moment was the act of the shop owner present: "Give him a new mask from the store!" Yes, him and the injured may be club mates, but he did not ask about the money before giving him one.

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