piatok 9. septembra 2016

Opening, Advice & Congratulations

It's remarkable how people shape the form of ceremonies. When Sapo spoke at the opening Academy Assembly, he was in his measured and insightful mode. His main point about the need to make our own decisions based on the self-knowledge, and not just take advice that might be offered liberally, was a profound one. Philosoraptor notwithstanding. (A cynic might say he closed the last niche for educators – since we are neither providers, nor custodians of knowledge, and decisions need to be taken independently, what should we do? Let's leave this challenge unanswered for now.)
And what about art? Francis recited a poem (and thus ensured the existence of the Spoken Word club), and David Králik came up with another of his musical masterpieces. Sing along to a well-known tune:

Happy birthday to us,
Happy birthday to us,
Happy birthday LEAF Academy,
Happy birthday to us.

If you think this is not grand enough, you might disregard the fact we are not so fond of glitter and spotlights. And do not be surprised to read the Academy absolutely loved it.