štvrtok 8. marca 2018

Dreaming big, Working big

Polar kraken, art by Mark Tedin
How big is big? is a question every kid or inquisitive person has asked. Gaming wisdom offers the following answer "It was big. Really, really, big. No, bigger than that. It was big!" (Wizards of the Coast). Now we know that big means as big as a polar kraken (or bigger).

What is big in education? I guess Fernando Díaz del Castillo H. from Gimnasio La Montaña offered a glimpse yesterday. As we were developing our curriculum we realised we needed software solutions. Since there were none that suited us, we build our own team to develop them. It looks like this has served them well.

And it might not surprise you that curricular innovation at La Montaña is partly driven by those techies.

streda 7. marca 2018

Insights from travels

Quite a few impressively wise people have remarked that a travelling mind is an agile mind. Little did I know that it also applies literally. Over a long day from Bratislava to Luckie Street in Atlanta, I have noticed the following:
  1. There is nothing like French style. This is their current safety demonstration video. Like it or not, but stylish it is.
  2. There is nothing like French style – revisited. For unfathomable reasons this morning (at ca. 10 a.m.) the number of police officers checking passports at Terminal D at CDG was one.
  3. A few bystanders in Atlanta offered to give me directions when they saw me looking around uncertainly. If you further add the people paid to assist you, it looks like the U.S. folk are helpful, and they want to be so.
  4. I heard that Innsmouth Darthmouth Dartmouth College stopped awarding college credits for AP Psychology, as their tests showed minimal retention of content and skills by the students who had taken it. 
  5. On a more personal note I finally got a chance to follow an online course. Given the fact this day has had 22hours, it is not so surprising. Still, every win counts.