utorok 7. januára 2014

To Messrs A.E. Poe and H.P. Lovecraft

Ye, writers have seen where the human mind can lead you. In your dreams, in your work, in your life, in suffering and hallucinations you witnessed the multitude of forms human insanity can take on itself. You even managed to dissociate insanity, chaos and darkness from the human, making it a living element of your work. So now the reader can taste what it might feel life, they can sample insanity when indulging in one of your stories, and then return back frightened but almost untouched to the world of daylight. Esteemed authors, nothing you could image, or imagined to imagine, or even imagine you are imagined to imagine compares with the inescapable asphyxiating darkness that is invoked in classroom once deliberative methods are used. You thought of many horrors seen and unseen, describable and unnameable alike, but your mind has never been filled with a picture of intellectually bright (and otherwise responsible) people conjuring the darkest demons and offering them service them during a class discussion. If you do not believe me, read on, reader, but you have been warned.

There is no good, good is arbitrary. Ultimately arbitrary. (Repeat the invocation two times). There is no limit to its arbitarity, insomuch that the word has no meaning. Good has no meaning. (Three times.) The words good and morality are only used to manipulate people. (Five times.) Take pain, for example. Pain is relative. Humans can get used to any pain. Humans will get used to any pain. (Three times, with emphasis on will.) Suffering makes human stronger. So strong they do are not harmed by further physical or mental pain. (Five times.) 
(Continuing in free speech.) If they are conditioned from youth. Like young girls are. Their hair gets braided. It is painful. They do not like it, but their mothers insist they undergo it. For their beauty. Since this has been done from an early age, the girls are resistant to pain. They can handle beatings and abuse in marriage, they will withstand it, in fact they will not mind it. They are strong, they are resistant. They cannot be harmed. Their lives will be unaffected, their relationships the same, the families will be as happy as before. And even stronger.
(With emphasis.) So there is nothing untoward in inflicting pain on a strong unwilling victim. It is not bad even if some might state so. It is a perfectly justifiable action when motivated by self interest. It is okay, is it not? Yes, it is! Of course it is! (The last words with a roar, and a sickle uplifted in the air whenever available.)

In case you might decide to interrupt the ceremony, you will find out the believers are very strong in their faith. The women have been brought up like that. Do not impose outlandish (e.g. Western) ideas like freedoms on them. They are to be left alone, living as they have always done. And what do you prattle about if there is no real harm to them? Not even in FGM if you do not know about it. A layman uninitiated in rituals is left to believe that perhaps this dark and bloody sacrifice of reason will appease the voices lurking in the madness. That the initiates will revert to their civil selves on their exiting the classroom. Either it is that, or enter madness!

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